Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Carl’s Junior Partners with … PETA?

Yes, in the interest of social good, and social awareness, the fast food chain Carl’s Junior (and its affiliated Hardees) have agreed to immediately begin purchasing 15 percent of its pork from suppliers that do not use metal "gestation crates" to confine sows, and increase that to 25 percent by 2009; purchase 2 percent of its eggs from suppliers whose hens are not kept in wire cages by July 2008; and to issue a statement to poultry suppliers stating it will "give consideration to approved suppliers who actively explore and test controlled-atmosphere stunning systems," which animal rights groups consider the most humane way to slaughter chickens.

The agreement is aimed at the improvement of the welfare of animals that provide food for the 1,905 Hardee's restaurants and 1,101 Carl's Jr. restaurants. In a statement made by Jeff Mochal, a spokesman for Hardee's, he indicated, "We take the animal welfare concerns very seriously," Mochal said. "When you meet with PETA they make a pretty good case. We want to stay consistent with where the industry is at now and where it's heading." Carl’s Junior is the second major fast-food restaurant company this year to begin moving toward cage-free chickens and pigs, as Burger King announced similar changes in March.

This is yet another example of how the partnership of corporate America and organizations providing a social or philanthropic good benefits us all. Kudos to you Carl’s Junior and Hardees, you have just earned yourself another socially conscious customer!

Read the Chicago Tribune Article on this Story here.

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